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Handmade Wooden Fencing Puppets

Handmade Wooden Fencing Puppets

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Are you looking for an entertaining game for you and your family to play? Look no further than the Handmade Wooden Fencing Puppets! This exciting and fast paced balloon battle game is sure to get your blood pumping. You'll control your puppet using swords and shields to puncture your opponent's balloon and win. Each puppet is handmade with durable bamboo construction, creating a unique and visually stunning experience. The perfect game for parties or casual hangouts, everyone will love the whimsy of wooden fighters with balloon heads. Are you ready to win?


🎮【Balloon Bamboo Man Battle】: Balloon Bamboo Battle Game, puncture your opponent's balloon to win!
🧩【All Handmade】: Each puppet is meticulously crafted, showcasing superior artistry and durable bamboo construction.
🤩【Unforgettable Entertainment】: Unleash laughter and joy at any gathering with this wooden bots battle game.


Name: Handmade Wooden Fencing Puppets
Material: Wood
Color: As Shown
Weight: 500G
Size: As Shown


1. Gather 2 players and choose a puppet each.
2. Maneuver using swords and shields to puncture your opponent's balloon.
3. Whoever punctures the opponent's balloon first wins.


Q: How many players can play this game?
A: This game is for 2 players.

Q: Is the game difficult to play?
A: No, the game is easy to play but requires skill and strategy to win.

Q: Are the puppets handmade?
A: Yes, each puppet is handmade with durable bamboo construction.

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